Thursday, July 19, 2012


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Methods to Crack Down on Graffiti

Graffiti is a big problem in towns and cities across the UK and there have been many attempts to prevent the recurring problem. The main issue is the divide in public opinion as to whether graffiti is an art or a crime. Many public authorities see it as a crime as it is defacing public property whereas some local residents enjoy the street art. Here are a few ideas towns and cities have come up with to try and conquer graffiti artists.
East Cambridgeshire District Council recently released new portable 'graffiti removal kits' to be the forefront of their campaign to rid the district of graffiti. The Council are hoping the kits will enable graffiti to be removed before it's even seen by the public.
Councillor Tony Parramint said: "The portable kits are simple to use and highly effective so we are very pleased to offer them to Parish Councils in our district and provide them with training."
Removing graffiti quickly contributes to a reduced fear of crime in an area, as it reduces the likelihood of a place looking rundown. We all want East Cambridgeshire to look as good as possible and these kits will help to make a real difference."
The new kits cost £1500 and were paid for by a grant from the Accelerated Neighbourhood Partnership Fund. They will be available to every parish and town council within the district. Schemes like this have been trialled in the UK before in places such as London, Bristol and Brighton. They have been a proven success. East Cambridgeshire Council hope that they can cut the use of community service workers whom they employ once a week to remove graffiti.
The kits contain non hazardous chemicals that are fruit based to quickly remove graffiti. It is hoped that the quick removal of graffiti will deter repeat offenders to continue their graffiti splurges. Other councils across the UK have reacted in a different way by applying anti graffiti coatings and anti graffiti paint to public areas which is also a proven success. These councils have employed commercial cleaning services to cover particularly bad areas that also suffer from littering. London has regularly used street cleaning services in an attempt for cleaner streets.


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