Monday, June 18, 2012

3d graffiti wallpapers

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  • sin94
    03-30 04:35 PM
    Question do we have to stop working upon receipt of the denial and wait until receipt of MTR? What are work options when a situation like this occurs

    I have used ac21 and moved to a new employer and although my former employer have indicated that they will not revoke the approved I-140 (485 pending since Oct 07) if they do and USCIS does the same situation as described above for me & wife would I be out of status from that period?

    Me being the primary applicant and wife the derivative are not using our H1's (I have 9 months remaining of my 6 year period and wife 3 years) I accepted a full time invoking Ac21 with the new company and joined using EAD. My wife has accepted a contract position using her EAD

    I read somewhere that if you get a NOID and its the 485 gets rejected (even upon providing supporting documents) are we allowed to work during any of that period? what happens if we respond with MTR? how long will it normally take to respond?

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